WatchGuard Essentials Exam Dumps

WatchGuard Essentials Exam Dumps

Fireware Essentials Exam

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Update Date : February 12, 2024
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What is WatchGuard Essentials Exam ?

The WatchGuard Essentials Exam is a certification exam that tests a candidate's knowledge and skills in configuring, managing, and monitoring a WatchGuard Firebox. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including:

Firebox basics
Interfaces and zones

To be successful in the exam, candidates should have a working knowledge of WatchGuard Fireboxes and the technologies they use. They should also be able to demonstrate their skills in configuring, managing, and monitoring a WatchGuard Firebox.

The exam is a multiple-choice exam that consists of 60 questions. Candidates have 90 minutes to complete the exam. The passing score is 65%.

The WatchGuard Essentials Exam is a valuable certification for network administrators who want to demonstrate their skills in configuring, managing, and monitoring WatchGuard Fireboxes. The certification can help network administrators advance their careers and gain more opportunities in the IT industry.

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Essentials Sample Question Answers

Question 1

From the Firebox System Manager >Authentication List tab, you can view all of the authenticated users connected to your Firebox and disconnect any of them. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question 2

After you enable spamBlocker, your users experience no reduction in the amount of spam they receive. What could explain this? (Select three.) 

A. Connections cannot be resolved to the spamBlocker servers because DNS is not configured on the Firebox. 
B. The spamBlocker action for Confirmed Spam is set to Allow. 
C. The Maximum File Size to Scan option is set too high. 
D. A spamBlocker exception is configured to allow traffic from sender *. X
E. spamBlocker Virus Outbreak Detection is not enabled. 

Question 3

You need to create an HTTP-proxy policy to a specific domain for software updates ( The update site has multiple subdomains and dynamic IP addresses on a content delivery network. Which of these options is the best way to define the destination in your HTTP-proxy policy? (Select one.) 

A. Configure a host name for 
B. Configure an FQDN for * 
C. Add IP addresses that correspond to each software update server in the domain. 
D. Create an alias for all subdomains and known IP addresses for 

Question 4

To enable remote devices to send log messages to Dimension through the gateway Firebox, what must you verify is included in your gateway Firebox configuration? (Select one.) 

A. You can only send log messages to Dimension from a computer that is on the network behind your gateway Firebox. 
B. You must change the connection settings in Dimension, not on the gateway Firebox. 
C. You must add a policy to the remote device configuration file to allow traffic to a Dimension. 
D. You must make sure that either the WG-Logging packet filter policy, or another policy that allows external connections to Dimension over port 4115, is included in the configuration file. 

Question 5

What is the best method to downgrade the version of Fireware OS on your Firebox without losing all device configuration settings? (Select one.) 

A. Restore a saved backup image that was created for the device before the last Fireware OS upgrade. 
B. Use the Upgrade OS feature in Fireware Web UI to install the sysa_dl file for an order version of Fireware OS. 
C. Change the OS compatibility setting in Policy Manager to downgrade the device. Then use Policy Manager to save the configuration to the device. 
D. Use the downgrade feature on Policy Manager to select a previous of Fireware OS. 

Question 6

Which authentication servers can you use with your Firebox? (Select four.) 

A. Active Directory 
D. Linux Authentication 
E. Kerberos 
G. Firebox databases 

Question 7

When your device is in a default state, to which interface do you connect your management computer so you can use the Quick Setup Wizard or Web Setup Wizard to configure the device? (Select one.) 

A. Interface 0 
B. Console interface 
C. Any interface 
D. Interface 1 

Question 8

To prevent certificate error warnings in your browser when you use deep content inspection with the HTTPS proxy, you can export the proxy authority certificate from the Firebox and import that certificate to all client devices. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question 9

You can configure your Firebox to automatically redirect users to the Authentication Portal page.

A. True 
B. False 

Question 10

An email newsletter about sales from an external company is sometimes blocked by spamBlocker. What option could you choose to make sure the newsletter is delivered to your users? (Select one.) 

A. Add a spamBlocker exception based on the From field of the newsletter email. 
B. Set the spamBlocker action to quarantine the email for later retrieval. 
C. Add a spamBlocker subject tag for bulk email messages. 
D. Set the spamBlocker virus outbreak detection action to allow emails from the newsletter source. 


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