VMware 2V0-61.20 Exam Dumps

VMware 2V0-61.20 Exam Dumps

VMware Professional Workspace ONE Exam

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Total Questions : 70
Update Date : February 12, 2024
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What is the VMware 2V0-61.20 Exam ?

The VMware 2V0-61.20 exam is a 70-item, multiple-choice exam that tests your knowledge and skills in designing, implementing, and managing VMware Workspace ONE 20.x. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including:

Design principles for digital workspace solutions
VMware Workspace ONE architecture and components
VMware Workspace ONE installation and configuration
VMware Workspace ONE management and operations
VMware Workspace ONE security
VMware Workspace ONE troubleshooting
To pass the VMware 2V0-61.20 exam, you must have a strong understanding of the topics listed above. You should also have experience with VMware Workspace ONE 20.x.

If you are interested in VMware Workspace ONE certification, I recommend that you take the VMware Certified Professional – Digital Workspace 2020 (VCP-DW) certification. The VCP-DW certification is a more comprehensive certification than the 2V0-61.20 exam. It covers a wider range of topics, including VMware Workspace ONE 21.

VMware 2V0-61.20 Exam Dumps are practice tests that can help you prepare for the VMware 2V0-61.20 Exam. These dumps are a great way to learn the material and practice answering questions in a similar format to the actual exam.

Here are some tips for using 2V0-61.20 exam dumps:

Use 2V0-61.20 exam dumps to supplement your studies, not as a replacement for studying the material.
Make sure the 2V0-61.20 exam dumps are from a reputable source.Use the exam dumps to practice answering questions in a similar format to the actual exam.
Don't rely on 2V0-61.20 exam dumps to pass the exam. Make sure you study the material and practice answering questions.

By following these tips, you can use exam dumps to help you prepare for the VMware 2V0-61.20 Exam and increase your chances of passing.

2V0-61.20 Sample Question Answers

Question 1

Which is used to authenticate and encrypt traffic from individual applications on compliant devices to internal resources?

A. Email Notification Service
B. Device Compliance
C. Workspace ONE Intelligence
D. VMware Tunnel

Question 2

Which Workspace ONE UEM console feature can be leveraged to confirm a Certificate Authority (CA) is accessible?

A. Test Connection button
B. PKI Validation button
C. Request Dummy Cert button
D. SCEP Request button

Question 3

When using a third party load balancer to provide the tunnel service on the Unified Access Gateway (UAG), what should the SSL setting be on the load balancer?

A. SSL Re-encryption
B. SSL Encryption
C. SSL Offloading
D. SSL Passthrough

Question 4

Which would an administrator use to configure the remote wiping of privileged corporate content and set notification thresholds when a minimum number of devices are wiped within a certain amount of time?

A. Compromised Protection Settings
B. Notification for Device Blocked
C. Managed Device Wipe Protection
D. Notifications for Device Enroll/Unenroll

Question 5

An administrator is tasked with determining the root cause for a recent outage where devices were not able to authenticate. An investigation revealed a single AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) server that had a disk error which caused it to be completely unresponsive.Which VMware resiliency recommendation would have prevented this outage? 

A. Disaster Recovery
B. Restart ACC
C. Cloud Hosted ACC
D. High Availability

Question 6

Which component is required to communicate with AirWatch Cloud Connector?

A. AirWatch REST API services
B. VMware Workspace ONE Device services
C. VMware Workspace ONE Console services
D. AirWatch Cloud Messaging service

Question 7

Which two steps would an administrator complete to enable auto discovery for their Workspace ONE UEM environment? (Choose two.)

A. Approve an email from @workspaceone.com from the domain linked to auto-discovery.
B. Enter the email domain when installing the AirWatch Cloud Connector.
C. Enter the email domain when establishing directory services.
D. Email auto-discovery@workspace.com with the domain the administrator wants to register.
E. Register email domain within Workspace ONE UEM.

Question 8

What is the purpose of the Workspace ONE UEM Security Pin?

A. Serves as a second layer of security for administrators while preventing inadvertent commands.
B. Provides multi-factor authentication for users during device enrollment.
C. Provides a second factor of authentication for administrators during console login.
D. Serves as a second layer of security for end users while preventing inadvertent commands.

Question 9

An administrator must ensure enrolled corporate owned Android Enterprise devices do not update during the holiday season.Which is VMware’s recommended best practice to accomplish this?

A. Deliver ‘Restrictions’ profile that disables Play Store on devices.
B. Deliver ‘System Updates’ profile with change freeze payload.
C. Deliver ‘System Updates’ profile that defers updates up to 30 days.
D. Deliver ‘Restrictions’ profile that disables chrome on devices.

Question 10

When troubleshooting group syncs through the AirWatch Cloud Connector, which log file should be reviewed?

A. c:\<InstallDir>\Logs\CloudConnector.log
B. c:\<InstallDir>\Logs\CloudConnector_MMDDYY.log
C. c:\<InstallDir>\Logs\ACC.log
D. c:\<InstallDir>\Logs\IDMConnector.log


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