What is SOA Certifications Exam ?

SOA Certifications Exam is a series of certification exams offered by the SOA Consortium. The exams are designed to measure the skills and knowledge of SOA professionals in a variety of areas, including SOA architecture, SOA design, and SOA implementation.

There are a number of different SOA Certifications Exams available, each covering a specific area of SOA expertise. Some of the most popular SOA Certifications Exams include:

SOA Certified Enterprise Architect (SOA CEA): This exam is designed for SOA architects who want to demonstrate their mastery of SOA architecture principles and practices.
SOA Certified Solution Architect (SOA CSA): This exam is designed for SOA solution architects who want to demonstrate their ability to design and implement SOA solutions.
SOA Certified Developer (SOA CD): This exam is designed for SOA developers who want to demonstrate their ability to develop and implement SOA components and services.

In addition to these core exams, the SOA Consortium also offers a number of specialty certification exams that cover specific areas of SOA, such as SOA security, SOA governance, and SOA testing.

To be eligible to take a SOA Certifications Exam, candidates typically need to have a certain number of years of experience working with SOA. The exams are typically multiple-choice exams with a few practical exercises. Candidates must score at least 70% to pass.

SOA Certifications Exams are a valuable credential for SOA professionals who want to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to potential employers. The exams can also help professionals advance their careers and earn higher salaries.

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