Salesforce Certified-Business-Analyst Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified-Business-Analyst Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam (WI24)

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What is Salesforce Certified-Business-Analyst Exam ?

The Salesforce Certified Business Analyst (CBA) exam is a certification exam that tests your knowledge of the Salesforce platform and business analysis principles. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including:

Customer Discovery: The ability to identify and understand the needs of customers and users.
Collaboration with Stakeholders: The ability to work effectively with stakeholders to gather requirements and build consensus.
Business Process Mapping: The ability to identify and document the current state of business processes.
Requirements: The ability to gather, analyze, and prioritize requirements.
User Stories: The ability to write user stories that capture the needs of users.
User Acceptance: The ability to test and validate solutions with users.

To pass the exam, you must have a strong understanding of the Salesforce platform and business analysis principles. You should also have experience working with customers, stakeholders, and users.

The exam is 120 minutes long and consists of 65 multiple-choice questions. The passing score is 70%.

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Certified-Business-Analyst Sample Question Answers

Question 1

The project manager for Universal Container tells the business analyst (BA) that the developers on the team are having trouble understanding what to build because the acceptance criteria for the Sales Cloud user stories are confusing. How should the BA respond to the feedback effectively?

A. Recommend additional training resources. 
B. Ask for specific examples to review. 
C. Confirm that best practices are being followed. 

Question 2

After stakeholders formally signed off on requirements, the business analyst (BA) received numerous emails requesting changes to Salesforce during uses acceptance testing (UAT). The BA quickly became overwhelmed by the requests and needs a way to organize and peritonitis them. What should the BA use to help them organize these requests? 

A. Change request log 
B. Scope statement specification 
C. Gap analysis document 

Question 3

Universal Containers is in the discovery phase of a new Service Cloud project. The lead business analyst (BA) review user stories written by junior Bas. The lead BA discovers these user stories are missing details, as how case routing should work. The lead BA asks the junior Bas to make revisions based on the intended audience for the user stories. 

A. End user and development team 
B. Development and QA teams 
C. Business user and QA team 

Question 4

Cloud Kicks leadership wants to improve the new customer onboarding experience. There are a number of complex handoffs between teams. Service managers have been tasked with working with the operating team to improve the handoff between salesforce and internal systems. The business (BA) wants to break down the onboarding processing and sub-processes into simpler steps. What should the BA create to engage stakeholders?

A. Value Stream Map 
B. Universal Process Notation 
C. Capability Model 

Question 5

Which element of the storytelling process for UX is described here: "A hurdle that makes it difficult for your heroes to succeed on their journeys."

A. Challenge 
B. Monster
 C. Victory 
D. Helper 

Question 6

The Business analyst (BA) at Universal Container wants to improve the case process in Salesforce after feedback customer abut resolution time. The BA tacks the user story, request details, and configuration changes in a repository. What is a benefit of tracking user stories in this way?

A. Multiple project team members can make and view revisions. 
B. It links all changes to Salesforce metadata. 
C. The development team can work parallel on the same requirement. 

Question 7

Universal Container wants to implement a solution to help it track and analyze its carbon emission in an effort to meet its new initiatives. The CEO has reached out to the product development team for assistance. The business analyst (BA) has begun exploring potential solutions based on the requirements. What should the BA do first?

A. Investigate building a custom app. 
B. Use CRM Anal Analyst actionable insights. 
C. Review relevant apps on the AppExchange

Question 8

The Salesforce project team at Universal Containers is reviewing a backlog of user stories to add to an sprint. The team is unsure of which story to begin working on. What should the business analyst do to help with prioritization?

A. Verify acceptance criteria. 
B. Identify dependent components. 
C. Delete the definition of done 

Question 9

Universal Containers is integrating its enterprise resource planning (ERP) with Salesforce to gain inventory visibility for the sales team. One of the user stories for this project is: ‘’As a sales rep, I want to be able to find containers dose to my customer so I can tell them which products they can receive quicklyWhich acceptance criteria is most appropriate for this story?

A. Sales rep can see the inventory closest to a customer with a quick action. 
B. As a sales rep, I see the Inventory closest to a customer.
 C. Sales rep can see the inventory closest to a customer 

Question 10

Universal Containers is working with a business analyst (BA) to develop a solution to help the marketing department manage lead in Sales Cloud. The current solution meets the requirements, but the marketing team tells the BA they feel it is incomplete. What is important for the BA to consider when responding to the team’s feedback?

A. Acceptance criteria 
B. Product limitation 
C. Intent of both parties 


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