Oracle 1z0-819 Exam Dumps

Oracle 1z0-819 Exam Dumps

Java SE 11 Developer

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Update Date : February 22, 2024
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What is Oracle 1z0-819 Exam ?

The Oracle 1Z0-819 exam is a certification exam for Java SE 11 Developer. This certification exam is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of candidates who are proficient in Java (Standard Edition) software development.

The Oracle 1Z0-819 exam is a 90-minute exam that consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. The exam covers the following topics:

Object-oriented programming concepts
Control flow statements
Exception handling
Lambda expressions
Stream API
Java SE 11 features

To pass the Oracle 1Z0-819 exam, candidates must score at least 68% on the exam.

The Oracle 1Z0-819 exam is a valuable certification for anyone who wants to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in Java SE 11 software development. This certification can help candidates advance their careers in the Java development field.

Oracle 1z0-819 Exam Dumps are a great way to prepare for the Oracle 1z0-819 exam. They provide you with a comprehensive overview of the exam content, and they can help you identify your areas of weakness. By using Oracle 1z0-819 Exam Dumps, you can increase your chances of passing the exam and earning your Oracle certification.

Once you have chosen Oracle 1z0-819 Exam Dumps, you can start using them to prepare for the exam. Here are some tips for using Oracle 1z0-819 Exam Dumps:

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By following these tips, you can use Oracle 1z0-819 Exam Dumps to increase your chances of passing the exam and earning your Oracle certification.

1z0-819 Sample Question Answers

Question 1

Which set of commands is necessary to create and run a custom runtime image from Java source files? 

A. java, jdeps
B. javac, jlink
C. jar, jlink
D. javac, jar

Question 2

Which statement about a functional interface is true? 

A. It must be defined with the public access modifier.
B. It must be annotated with @FunctionalInterface.
C. It is declared with a single abstract method.
D. It is declared with a single default method.
E. It cannot have any private methods and static methods.

Question 3

Which two statements are true about the modular JDK? (Choose two.) 

A. The foundational APIs of the Java SE Platform are found in the java.base module.
B. An application must be structured as modules in order to run on the modular JDK.
C. It is possible but undesirable to configure modules’ exports from the command line.
D. APIs are deprecated more aggressively because the JDK has been modularized.

Question 4

Which two statements are true about Java modules? (Choose two.) 

A. Modular jars loaded from --module-path are automatic modules.
B. Any named module can directly access all classes in an automatic module.
C. Classes found in –classpath are part of an unnamed module.
D. Modular jars loaded from –classpath are automatic modules.
E. If a package is defined in both the named module and the unnamed module, then thepackage in the unnamed module is ignored.

Question 5

Which is the correct order of possible statements in the structure of a Java class file? 

A. class, package, import
B. package, import, class
C. import, package, class
D. package, class, import
E. import, class, package

Question 6

Which two are successful examples of autoboxing? (Choose two.) 

A. String a = “A”;
B. Integer e = 5;
C. Float g = Float.valueOf(null);
D. Double d = 4;
E. Long c = 23L;
F. Float f = 6.0;

Question 7

Which three annotation uses are valid? (Choose three.) 

A. Function func = (@NonNull x) > x.toUpperCase();  
B. var v = “Hello” + (@Interned) “World”
C. Function<String, String> func = (var @NonNull x) > x.toUpperCase();
D. Function<String, String> func = (@NonNull var x) > x.toUpperCase();
E. var myString = (@NonNull String) str;
F. var obj = new @Interned MyObject();

Question 8

Which interface in the java.util.function package will return a void return type? 

A. Supplier
B. Predicate
C. Function
D. Consumer

Question 9

Given the code fragment:var pool = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(5);Future outcome = pool.submit(() > 1);Which type of lambda expression is passed into submit()?

A. java.lang.Runnable
B. java.util.function.Predicate
C. java.util.function.Function
D. java.util.concurrent.Callable
Answer: D

Question 10

Given:var fruits = List.of(“apple”, “orange”, “banana”, “lemon”);You want to examine the first element that contains the character n. Which statement willaccomplish this?

A. String result = > f.contains(“n”)).findAny();
B. > f.contains(“n”)).forEachOrdered(System.out::print);
C. Optional<String> result = > f.contains (“n”)).findFirst ();
D. Optional<String> result = > f.contains(“n”));


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