Nutanix NCP-5.15 Exam Dumps

Nutanix NCP-5.15 Exam Dumps

Nutanix Certified Professional - Multi cloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI 5.15)

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Update Date : December 04, 2023
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What is Nutanix NCP-5.15 Exam ?

The Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) 5.15 exam is a foundational certification that validates your skills and knowledge in deploying, managing, and optimizing Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions. The exam is designed to assess your ability to:

Deploy and configure Nutanix AOS 5.15 clusters
Manage Nutanix AOS 5.15 clusters using the Prism console and CLI
Monitor and troubleshoot Nutanix AOS 5.15 clusters
Perform basic Nutanix AOS 5.15 maintenance tasks
Understand and implement new features in Nutanix AOS 5.15

To prepare for the NCP-5.15 exam, Nutanix recommends that you have at least 6 months of experience working with Nutanix AOS 5.15 solutions. You should also have a good understanding of general networking and virtualization concepts.

Here are some resources that you can use to prepare for the NCP-5.15 exam:

Nutanix University website: This website offers a variety of training courses and resources, including a free NCP-5.15 exam preparation course.
Nutanix documentation: Nutanix provides a comprehensive set of documentation for all of its products. You can find this documentation on the Nutanix support website.
Nutanix community forums: The Nutanix community forums are a great place to ask questions and get help from other Nutanix users and experts.

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NCP-5.15 Sample Question Answers

Question 1

Which SSL Files required for Importing Key and certificate (Choose 2) 

A. Public Certificate
B. Private Certificate
C. CA Certificate
D. Private Key

Question 2

An administrator has a 4-node Nutanix cluster running on Hyper-V. The administrator create a new storage container and makes that available to all hosts.Which storage protocol should be administrator use for the hosts to gain access to the storage container? 

D. Fiber Channel

Question 3

An administrator wants to secure an application running on an AHV cluster by limiting incoming and outgoing traffic destinations. The administrator creates a security policy for the application. 

What is the next step?
A. Apply the Security Policy
B. Create an isolation policy
C. Add the Security policy to an existing isolation policy
D. Restart the VM hosting application

Question 4

What command places a host in maintenance mode in AHV?

A. acli host_id
B. acli host.enter_maintenance_mode host_id
C. ncli maintenance_mode host=host_id
D. ncli host maintenance host_id

Question 5

Which bond mode is the default mode on an AHV Nutanix cluster?

A. Link Aggregation
B. Balanced SLB
C. Balance TCP
D. Active – Backup

Question 6

Which Mechanism that works by data striping and parity calculation?

A. Compression
B. Deduplication
C. Erasure Coding

Question 7

Clusters are configured with an http proxy server an administrator wants to deploy prism centralWhich scenario require to the administrator to configure the http proxy whitelist method?  

A. http port 8000 not open in proxy
B. ssl port 443 not pen in proxy
C. http port 80 not open in proxy
D. ssl port 9440 not open in proxy

Question 8

Which options are available when a live migration is performed on a VM in an AOS 5.5 implementation?

A. The VM can be moved on a different host 
B. the VM can be moved to a different host and a different storage container
C. the VM can be moved to a different storage container
D. the VM can be moved to a different (remote) site

Question 9

An administrator cables all interfaces on a newly added AHV host and starts migrating VM to 4. Users report that network connections are much slower to the VMs after the migration.What is a possible reason for this issue.?

A. The CVM on the node has not fully joined
B. The VMs do not use the same interfaces as the CVM.
C. The host still has the default bond configuration.
D. The network is slower because the host is further away.

Question 10

An administrator has just executed a maintenance window for some applications running on their nutanix cluster. After completing the maintenance, they want to assess the health of the cluster and make sure that there is no impact during the maintenance.Which three dashboards in prism will assist the administrator in making this determination? (Choose Three) 

A. Data Protection
B. Cluster Health
C. Tasks
D. Alerts
E. Analysis


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