Nokia 4A0-108 Exam Dumps

Nokia 4A0-108 Exam Dumps

Nokia Multicast Protocols

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What is Nokia 4A0-108 Exam ?

The Nokia 4A0-108 exam is a certification exam that validates the knowledge and skills of network engineers and administrators in the area of Nokia Multicast Protocols. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including:

Multicast fundamentals
IP multicast protocols
Nokia multicast protocols
Multicast applications
Multicast troubleshooting
The exam is typically taken by network engineers and administrators who want to demonstrate their expertise in Nokia Multicast Protocols. It is also a prerequisite for some network engineering jobs that require Nokia Multicast Protocols expertise.

The exam is offered online and in person at Pearson VUE testing centers. It is a 60-question exam with a time limit of 90 minutes. The passing score is 70%.

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4A0-108 Sample Question Answers

Question 1

A BSR candidate message is seen with a higher priority than the existing BSR. Which of the following describes the action that occurs?

A. The higher priority router becomes the BSR only after the existing BSR fails. 
B. The higher priority router becomes the BSR after the bootstrap message wait interval. 
C. The higher priority router becomes the BSR immediately. 
D. There is a BSR configuration parameter that determines whether or not there is a BSR election in this case. 

Question 2

Which of the following is NOT a function of Intra-AS I-PMSI A-D route?

A. To advertise the P-tunnel type to be used for the I-PMSI.
B. To advertise the group address for the I-PMSI.
C. To provide MVPN auto-discovery and binding within a single AS domain.
D. To advertise the customer multicast group address.

Question 3

In the Alcatel-Lucent SROS, which BGP address family is configured to support MCASTVPN NLRI?

A. vpn-ipv6
B. vpn-ipv4
C. mvpn-ipv6 
D. mvpn-ipv4

Question 4

Which of the following about Draft Rosen MVPN is TRUE?

A. In Draft Rosen MVPN, each CE maintains a PIM adjacency to its remote CE routers.
B. In Draft Rosen MVPN, customer multicast group addresses in different VRFs cannotoverlap.
C. Draft Rosen MVPN encapsulates customer multicast traffic in GRE tunnels.
D. In Draft Rosen MVPN, PE routers exchange customer multicast routing information byMP-BGP.

Question 5

Which of the following regarding VRF Route Import extended community is TRUE?

A. It is used to support UMH selection in Inter-AS MVPN.
B. It is a new extended community added only to MVPN multicast routes.
C. It contains Global Administrator and Local Administrator fields.
D. It contains the AS number of the source PE.

Question 6

Which of the following regarding the use of RSVP-TE P2MP LSP as MVPN I-PMSI isTRUE?

A. If RSVP-TE P2MP LSP is used as I-PMSI, either mLDP or RSVP-TE P2MP LSP can beused as S-PMSI.
B. The signaling protocol used for S-PMSI is independent of that used for I-PMSI.
C. If the signaling protocol used for I-PMSI is RSVP-TE, BGP must be used for signalingcustomer multicast information. 
D. The protocol used for signaling customer multicast information is independent of thatused for the I-PMSI.

Question 7

What is the destination address of the MLDv2 report message?

A. FF02::1
B. FF02::2
C. FF02::16
D. The specific multicast group address that the host is interested in.

Question 8

Four routers in a domain are configured as BSR candidates. Router A is configured with aBSR priority of 10; Router B is configured with a BSR priority of 100; Router C and RouterD are at the default value. Router D has the highest IP address. Which router will beselected as the BSR?

A. Router A
B. Router B
C. Router C
D. Router D

Question 9

What is the destination address of the MLDv2 general query?

A. FF02::1
B. FF02::2
C. FF02::16
D. The multicast group address of the multicast data that the router is receiving 

Question 10

Which protocol is used to establish the I-PMSI in Draft Rosen?

D. Either PIM ASM or PIM SSM


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