What is Hortonworks Certifications Exam ?

Hortonworks Certifications Exams are a series of hands-on, performance-based exams that assess your knowledge and skills in using the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). HDP is a leading open-source big data platform that is used by businesses of all sizes to analyze and process large data sets.

There are two Hortonworks Certifications Exams available:

Hortonworks Certified Developer (HDPCD)
Hortonworks Certified Administrator (HCAD)

The HDPCD exam is for developers who want to demonstrate their skills in developing and deploying Hadoop applications on the HDP platform. The HCAD exam is for administrators who want to demonstrate their skills in managing and troubleshooting the HDP platform.

To pass a Hortonworks Certifications Exam, you must complete a series of tasks that are designed to test your knowledge and skills. The tasks are typically performed on a live HDP cluster.

Hortonworks Certifications Exams are not required to work with HDP, but they can be a valuable asset to your career. Employers often look for candidates who have Hortonworks certifications because it demonstrates that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to work with HDP effectively.

Here are some of the benefits of having Hortonworks certifications:

Increased earning potential: Employees with Hortonworks certifications often earn more money than employees without certifications.
Better job opportunities: Employers are more likely to hire candidates who have Hortonworks certifications.
Career advancement: Hortonworks certifications can help you to advance your career in the big data field.
Increased job satisfaction: Having Hortonworks certifications can give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in your work.

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