Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Exam Dumps

Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Exam Dumps

Google Cloud Digital Leader exam

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What is the Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Exam ?

The Google Cloud Digital Leader certification exam is a foundational certification that tests your knowledge of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) core concepts and how they benefit organizations. The exam is designed for anyone who wants to demonstrate their knowledge of cloud computing basics and how GCP products and services can be used to achieve an organization's goals.

The Google Cloud Digital Leader exam assesses your knowledge in these areas:

  • Digital transformation with Google Cloud (~10% of the exam)
  • Core cloud concepts (~25% of the exam)
  • Google Cloud services and products (~65% of the exam)
  • If you pass the exam, you will earn the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification. This certification is a valuable asset for IT professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge of cloud computing basics and how GCP products and services can be used to achieve an organization's goals.

Here are some of the benefits of getting certified as a Google Cloud Digital Leader:

  • Increased job opportunities: The demand for cloud professionals is growing, and having this certification will make you more competitive in the job market.
  • Higher salary: Certified cloud professionals typically earn higher salaries than those who are not certified.
  • Increased knowledge: The exam covers a wide range of topics, so you will learn a lot about cloud computing by taking it.
  • Professional recognition: Earning this certification shows that you are a skilled professional who is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest cloud technologies.
  • If you are interested in becoming a Google Cloud Digital Leader, I encourage you to learn more about the exam and start preparing. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve this certification and take your career to the next level.

Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Exam Dumps are practice tests that can help you prepare for the Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam. These dumps are a great way to learn the material and practice answering questions in a similar format to the actual exam.
Here are some tips for using Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Exam Dumps:

  • Start by reading through the material in the dumps. This will help you get familiar with the concepts and terminology that will be covered on the exam.
  • Once you have a basic understanding of the material, start practicing answering questions. There are many different ways to practice answering questions. You can use the practice questions that are included in the dumps, or you can find practice questions online.
  • It is important to practice answering questions in a similar format to the actual exam. This will help you get used to the timing and the types of questions that will be asked.
  • As you practice, make sure to keep track of your progress. This will help you identify areas where you need more study time.

Cloud-Digital-Leader Sample Question Answers

Question 1

Your organization is developing a plan for migrating to Google Cloud.What is a best practice when initially configuring your Google Cloud environment?

A. Create a project via Google Cloud Console per department in your company 
B. Define your resource hierarchy with an organization node on top 
C. Create projects based on tem members’ requests 
D. Make every member of your company the project owner 

Question 2

Each of the three cloud service models - infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as aservice (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) - offers benefits between flexibility andlevels of management by the cloud provider and the customer.Why would SaaS be the right choice of service model?

A. You want a balance between flexibility for the customer and the level of management bythe cloud provider 
B. You want tominimize the level of management by the customer 
C. You want to maximize flexibility for the customer. 
D. You want to be able to shift your emphasis between flexibility and management by thecloud provider as business needs change 

Question 3

Your organization wants an economical solution to store data such as files, graphicalimages, and videos and to access and share them securely.Which Google Cloud product or service should your organization use?

A. Cloud Storage 
B. Cloud SQL 
C. Cloud Spanner 
D. BigQuery 

Question 4

Your organization consists of many teams. Each team has many Google Cloud projects.Your organization wants to simplify the management of identity and access policies forthese projects.How can you group these projects to meet this goal?

A. Group each team’s projects into a separate domain 
B. Assign labels based on the virtual machines that are part of each team’s projects 
C. Use folders to group each team’s projects 
D. Group each team’s projects into a separate organization node 

Question 5

Your organization runs an application on virtual machines in Google Cloud.This applicationprocesses incoming images. This activity takes hours to create a result for each image.The workload for this application normally stays at a certain baseline level, but at regularintervals it spikes to a much greater workload. Your organization needs to control the costto run this application.What should your organization do?

A. Purchase committed use discounts for the baseline load 
B. Purchase committed use discounts for the expected spike load 
C. Leverage sustained use discounts foryour virtual machines 
D. Run the workload on preemptible VM instances 

Question 6

Your manager wants to restrict communication of all virtual machines with internet access;with resources in another network; or with a resource outside Compute Engine. It isexpected that different teams will create new folders and projects in the near future.How would you restrict all virtual machines from having an external IP address?

A. Define an organization policy at the root organization node to restrict virtual machineinstances from having an external IPaddress 
B. Define an organization policy on all existing folders to define a constraint to restrictvirtual machine instances from having an external IP address 
C. Define an organization policy on all existing projects to restrict virtual machineinstancesfrom having an external IP address 
D. Communicate with the different teams and agree that each time a virtual machine iscreated, it must be configured without an external IP address 

Question 7

You are currently managing workloads running on Windows Server for which yourcompany owns the licenses. Your workloads are only needed during working hours, whichallows you to shut down the instances during the weekend. Your Windows Server licensesare up for renewal in a month, and you want to optimize your license cost.What should you do?

A. Renew your licenses for an additional period of 3 years. Renew your licenses for anadditional period of 3 years. Negotiate a cost reduction with your current hosting providerwherein infrastructure cost is reduced when workloads are not in use 
B. Renew your licenses for an additional period of 2 years. Negotiate a cost reduction bycommitting to an automatic renewal of the licenses at the end of the 2 year period 
C. Migrate the workloads to Compute Engine with a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) model 
D. Migrate the workloads to Compute Engine with a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model 

Question 8

Your organization needs to build streaming data pipelines. You don’t want to manage theindividual servers that do the data processing in the pipelines. Instead, you want amanaged service that will automatically scale with the amount of data to be processed.Which Google Cloud product or feature should your organization choose?

A. Pub/Sub 
B. Dataflow 
C. Data Catalog 
D. Dataprep by Trifacta 

Question 9

Your company is running the majority of its workloads in a co-located data center. Theworkloads are running on virtual machines (VMs) on top of a hypervisor and use eitherLinux or Windows server editions. As part of your company’s transformation strategy, youneed to modernize workloads as much as possible by adopting cloud-native technologies.You need to migrate the workloads into Google Cloud.What should you do?

A. Export the VMs into VMDK format, and import them into Compute Engine 
B. Export the VMs into VMDK format, and import them into Google Cloud VMware Engine 
C. Migrate the workloads using Migrate for Compute Engine 
D. Migrate the workloads usingMigrate for Anthos 

Question 10

Which Google Cloud product can report on and maintain compliance on your entire GoogleCloud organization to cover multiple projects?

A. Cloud Logging 
B. Identity and Access Management 
C. Google Cloud Armor 
D. Security Command Center 


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