Exin MOVF Exam Dumps

Exin MOVF Exam Dumps

Management of Value® Foundation

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Update Date : December 04, 2023
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What is Exin MOVF Exam ?

The EXIN Management of Value® Foundation (MOVF) exam is a foundational-level certification exam that tests the knowledge and skills of individuals in the field of management of value (MOV). The exam is based on the Management of Value (MOV) framework, which is a methodology for identifying, measuring, and managing the value of projects and programs.

The MOV framework defines value as "the difference between the benefits that a project or program delivers and the costs incurred to deliver those benefits."

The EX0-006 exam covers the following topics:

MOV concepts and terminology
MOV principles
MOV processes
MOV tools and techniques

To pass the exam, candidates must have a good understanding of the concepts, principles, processes, tools, and techniques of MOV. They must also be able to apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios.

The exam is 60 minutes long and consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. The passing score is 65%.

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MOVF Sample Question Answers

Question 1

Which is a true statement describing the brainstorming technique?

A. Generates a large volume of ideas in a short timeframe
B. Focuses on eliminating ideas which may be unsuitable
C. Analyses in detail a small number of options 
D. Enables team members to raise ideas anonymously

Question 2

Which statement about implementing a Value Improving Proposal is FALSE?

A. The Proposal Implementation Plan provides the project managers with details of the expected value improvements (or benefits)
B. Communication flowing from collaborative feedback enhances the effectiveness of MoV and helps build an appropriate culture
C. The Proposal Implementation Plan enables project managers to monitor and manage the implementation process
D. The Proposal Owners are NOT responsible for ensuring that their proposals are implemented

Question 3

Which technique focuses on underlying issues, rather than solving specific problems?

A. Root Cause Analysis
B. Soft Systems Methodology
C. Value Profiling 
D. Cost Function Analysis

Question 4

What are the key activities involved in the Processing Information stage?

A. Preparation, facilitation, creativity and innovation 
B. Analysis, creativity and innovation, and evaluation and selection
C. Preparation, target-setting, facilitation, and creativity and innovation
D. Selection of team, preparation of Study Handbook, analysis of data, creativity and Innovation

Question 5

Which is NOT a purpose of the Decision Building meeting when Developing Value Improving Proposals? 

A. To enable owners of Value Improving Proposals to present their suggestions to a panel of senior managers
B. To discuss the findings of each Value Improving Proposal and agree whether or not it should be implemented in whole or in part
C. To allocate an owner who is responsible for the implementation of each of the Value Improving Proposals selected
D. To supply project managers with details of how and when Value Improving Proposals will be implemented and the expected value improvements (or benefits)


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