EMC DEA-1TT4 Exam Dumps

EMC DEA-1TT4 Exam Dumps

Associate - Information Storage and Management (Version 5.0)

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Update Date : December 04, 2023
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What is EMC DEA-1TT4 Exam ?

The EMC DEA-1TT4 exam, also known as the Dell EMC Associate - Information Storage and Management (DECA-ISM) exam, is a retired certification exam that was offered by Dell EMC. The exam covered a wide range of topics related to information storage and management, including:

Data classification
Data storage architectures and technologies
Data backup and recovery
Data protection
Data security
Data management

To pass the DEA-1TT4 exam, candidates were required to have a good understanding of information storage and management concepts and principles. They should also have been able to apply these concepts and principles to real-world scenarios.

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DEA-1TT4 Sample Question Answers

Question 1

A company wants to implement a Fibre Channel (FC) SAN topology. The implementation will involve deploying four switches for localized compute and storage system connectivity.In addition, to meet their applications’ performance requirements, they need a maximum ofone ISL and redundant connections for their compute to storage traffic.Which topology should be recommended?

A. Full mesh topology 
B. Bus topology 
C. Partial mesh topology 
D. Single-switch topology 

Question 2

Which VMware product has pre-defined workflows that helps to automate and coordinate the service delivery and operational functions in a storage infrastructure?

B. vSphere ESXi 
C. vRealize Orchestrator 
D. Horizon 

Question 3

Which data deduplication method increases the probability of identifying duplicate data even when there is only a minor difference between two documents?

A. Variable-length segment 
B. Single-instance 
C. File-level 
D. Object-level 

Question 4

What accurately describes an object-based storage device (OSD)?

A. One object can be placed inside another object 
B. Objects are created based on the name and location of the file 
C. Objects exist at the same level in the address space 
D. Numerous objects can be stored in a single namespace 

Question 5

What is an accurate statement about Storage Class Memory (SCM)?

A. SCM is faster than DRAM 
B. SCM read and write speeds are slower than flash 
C. SCM can be addressed at the bit or word level 
D. SCM has volatile memory 

Question 6

What is a function of a continuous data protection (CDP) appliance?

A. Migrates deduplicated data from the source volume to the target volume during replication 
B. Manages both local and remote replications within and across data centers 
C. Stores all data that has changed from the time the replication session started 
D. Intercepts writes to the production volume and splits each write into two copies 

Question 7

Which state change notifications (SCNs) are issued by an iSNS server to the registered devices?

A. CPU events 
B. Output events 
C. Input events 
D. Network events 

Question 8

Which functionality is provided by a process login in a Fibre Channel (FC) SAN environment?

A. Exchanges service relevant parameters between an N_port and an N_port 
B. Establishes a connection to the fabric between an N_port and an F_port 
C. Exchange ULP-related parameters between two N_ports 
D. Establishes a session that occurs between two E_ports 

Question 9

Which layer contains services that define network behavior through policies and resource requirements in a software-defined networking architecture?

A. Interface 
B. Control 
C. Application 
D. Infrastructure 

Question 10

Why is it important for organizations to implement a backup solution in a data center environment?

A. Improve the integrity of critical data 
B. Ensure the availability of production data 
C. Minimize the cost of data protection 
D. Reduce redundant data in a production environment 


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