CyberArk CAU305 Exam Dumps

CyberArk CAU305 Exam Dumps

CyberArk CDE Recertification

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Update Date : November 27, 2023
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What is CyberArk CAU305 Exam ?

The CyberArk CAU305 exam, also known as the CyberArk Certified Delivery Engineer, Privileged Access Security (Combined) exam, is a certification exam offered by CyberArk that tests candidates' knowledge and skills in delivering and managing CyberArk Privileged Access Security (PAS) solutions. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including:

CyberArk PAS architecture and components
PAS administration and configuration
PAS security and compliance
PAS troubleshooting and incident response
Defender and Sentry product delivery and management

To be eligible to take the CAU305 exam, candidates must have a minimum of one year of experience in delivering and managing PAS solutions. The exam is typically 90 minutes long and consists of 65 multiple-choice questions. The pass score for the exam is 75%.

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CAU305 Sample Question Answers

Question 1

When the PSM Gateway (also known as the HTML5 Gateway) is implemented, users must have an RDP client, such as MSTSC, installed on their endpoint in order to launch connections via the PSM.

A. True 
B. False. When the PSM Gateway is implemented, the user only requires a browser in order launch a connection via the PSM. 

Question 2

According to the default web options settings, which group grants access to the reports page?

A. PVWAUsers 
B. Vault administrators 
C. Auditors 
D. PVWAMonitor 

Question 3

Which file is used to integrate the Vault with the RADIUS server? 

A. radius.ini 
B. PARagent.ini 
C. ENEConf.ini 
D. dbparm.ini 

Question 4

To support a fault tolerant and high-availability architecture, the Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) servers must to be configured to communicate with the Primary Vault and Satellite Vaults. Which file needs to be changed on the PVWA to enable this setup?

A. Vault.ini 
B. dbparm.ini 
C. pvwa.ini 
D. Satellite.ini 

Question 5

A Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) integration is critical for monitoring Vault activity and facilitating workflow processes, such as Dual Control.

A. True 
B. False 

Question 6

Which of the following Privileged Session Management (PSM) solutions provide a detailed audit log of session activities?

A. PSM (i.e., launching connections by clicking on the connect button in the PVWA) 
B. PSM for Windows (previously known as RDP Proxy) 
C. PSM for SSH (previously known as PSM-SSH Proxy) 
D. All of the above 

Question 7

Which of the following Privileged Session Management (PSM) solutions currently supports PKI authentication? 

A. PSM (i.e., launching connections by clicking on the connect button in the PVWA) 
B. PSM for Windows (previously known as RDP Proxy) 
C. PSM for SSH (previously known as PSM-SSH Proxy) 
D. All of the above 

Question 8

What is the purpose of the password verify process? 

A. To test that CyberArk is storing accurate credentials for accounts. 
B. To change the password of an account according to organizationally defined password rules.
C. To allow CyberArk to manage unknown or lost credentials. 
D. To generate a new complex password. 

Question 9

What are the functions of the Remote Control Agent service? (Choose three.) 

A. Allows remote monitoring the Vault 
B. Sends SNMP traps from the Vault 
C. Maintains audit data 
D. Allows CyberArk services to be managed (start/stop/status) remotely 

Question 10

Which file is used to open up a non-standard firewall port to the Vault? 

A. dbparm.ini 
B. PARagent.ini 
C. passparm.ini 
D. Vault.ini 


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