CyberArk CAU201 Exam Dumps

CyberArk CAU201 Exam Dumps

CyberArk Defender - PAM

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What is CyberArk CAU201 Exam ?

The CyberArk CAU201 exam, also known as the CyberArk Defender exam, is a certification exam offered by CyberArk that tests candidates' knowledge and skills in managing and maintaining CyberArk Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including:

CyberArk architecture and components
PAM administration and configuration
PAM security and compliance
PAM troubleshooting and incident response

To be eligible to take the CAU201 exam, candidates must have a minimum of one year of experience in managing and maintaining PAM solutions. The exam is typically 90 minutes long and consists of 65 multiple-choice questions. The pass score for the exam is 75%.

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CAU201 Sample Question Answers

Question 1

Customers who have the ‘Access Safe without confirmation’ safe permission on a safewhere accounts are configured for Dual control, still need to request approval to use theaccount.


Question 2

What is the easiest way to duplicate an existing platform?

A. From PrivateArk, copy/paste the appropriate Policy.ini file; then rename it. 
B. From the PVWA, navigate to the platforms page, select an existing platform that issimilar to the new target account platform and then click Duplicate; name the new platform. 
C. From PrivateArk, copy/paste the appropriate settings in PVConfiguration.xml; thenupdate the policyName variable. 
D. From the PVWA, navigate to the platforms page, select an existing platform that issimilar to the new target account platform, manually update the platform settings and click“Save as” INSTEAD of save to duplicate and rename the platform. 

Question 3

You are onboarding an account that is not supported out of the box.What should you do first to obtain a platform to import?

A. Create a service ticket in the customer portal explaining the requirements of the customplatform. 
B. Search common community portals like stackoverflow, reddit, github for an existingplatform. 
C. From the platforms page, uncheck the “Hide non-supported platforms” checkbox andsee if a platform meeting your needs appears. 
D. Visit the CyberArk marketplace and search for a platform that meets your needs. 

Question 4

You are creating a new Rest API user that utilizes CyberArk Authentication.What is a correct process to provision this user?

A. Private Ark Client > Tools > Administrative Tools > Users and Groups > New > User 
B. Private Ark Client > Tools > Administrative Tools > Directory Mapping > Add 
C. PVWA > User Provisioning > LDAP Integration > Add Mapping 
D. PVWA > User Provisioning > Users and Groups > New > User

Question 5

You want to generate a license capacity report.Which tool accomplishes this?

A. Password Vault Web Access 
B. PrivateArk Client 
C. DiagnoseDB Report 
D. RestAPI 

Question 6

PTA can automatically suspend sessions if suspicious activities are detected in a privilegedsession, but only if the session is made via the CyberArk PSM.

A. True 
B. False, the PTA can suspend sessions whether the session is made via the PSM or not 

Question 7

In a rule using “Privileged Session Analysis and Response” in PTA, which session optionsare available to configure as responses to activities?

A. Suspend, Terminate, None 
B. Suspend, Terminate, Lock Account 
C. Pause, Terminate, None 
D. Suspend, Terminate 

Question 8

According to the DEFAULT Web Options settings, which group grants access to theREPORTS page?

A. PVWAUsers 
B. Vault Admins 
C. Auditors 
D. PVWAMonitor 

Question 9

Which of the Following can be configured in the Master Poky? Choose all that apply.

A. Dual Control 
B. One Time Passwords 
C. Exclusive Passwords 
D. Password Reconciliation 
E. Ticketing Integration 
F. Required Properties 
G. Custom Connection Components 
H. Password Aging Rules 

Question 10

The Accounts Feed contains:

A. Accounts that were discovered by CyberArk in the last 30 days 
B. Accounts that were discovered by CyberArk that have not yet been onboarded 
C. All accounts added to the vault in the last 30 days 
D. All users added to CyberArk in the last 30 days 


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